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Nurielle Facial Moisturizer   my videos every single week thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video that was amazing so I'm definitely gonna try a lot of those products I'm still thinking about the simple cleanser the your creams I think there's a little word of warning because it's so potent it's pure L-ascorbic acid you don't really know how much to mix in the thing is I feel like most brands like Good Molecules and The Ordinary have little spatulas and to test it out, I think you can maybe start with like 1/4 of a scoop yeah and the scoops are very small they're like this tiny they're pretty tiny so tiny that I lost the scoop and then what do you do? just kind of eyeball Trying both of The Ordinary and Good Molecules I remember The Ordinary is finer-grained and not as coarse as Good Molecules but that being said, Good Molecules isn't coarse coarse either a lot of great reviews say it's like the least non skin-tearing vitamin C powder I love using it because of all its benefits you know it's a free radical scavenger it helps as an antioxidant