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One Shot Keto Canada on much more but he said you know why even mess with the scale you can tell all a lot of different ways how compliant am I being you know with my food plan you know how many times did I exercise this week or move it doesn't even have to be like exercise it's just being death you know how do I feel do I have less inflammation do I have less pain do I have less cravings do I have less headaches you know there's so many health benefits maybe you're reducing the amount of insulin that you're having to take for your diabetes or maybe your blood pressure medication gets to be taken away because you're no longer hypertensive you know there's so many other things to focus on rather than just the weight and so if you focus on the healthy habits eventually the weight loss will come okay so let's see let's move to the next thing oh I like this too dr. Greger says when you lose weight by eating less you end up needing less and that's very true so here's some things to be looking at if you think you have reached a plateau or an equilibrium take a look at your sodium are you still using the salt shaker he's still adding salt when you're cooking your food when we consume food that has salt added to it it causes us to passively over eat now