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Fast Fit Keto food is going to taste good if it doesn't have some salt added to it and so unless you know the chef day at 3 o'clock when you're giving them a snack maybe you're eating some extra food that is higher calorie density and so maybe you'll see a pattern and you know all those little what they call them when I used to go to Weight Watchers BLTs bit bites licks and tastes those can add up so you're making them a peanut butter sandwich and you know you lick the knife when you get done all of those little things can really add up so keep a journal and see what is actually happening you also might want to change the the way you're having your food throughout the day so you know they say have a bigger the bulk of your calories earlier in the day and fewer calories at the end of the day and it depends on your routine and when you're the most active but you also might want to narrow your feeding window and so like I try to be done eating by 7:00 o'clock because I go to bed at 10:00 so you want to have you know like a three to four hour

Fast Fit Keto and having an exercise class at midnight you don't really need any extra calories after dinner is over because you don't have an opportunity to burn those off and so might you might look at that you know is it a habit every night you know you sit down in front of the TV and you have a snack well instead either don't watch TV at night create a new habit and that's another thing we don't just stop habits we have to replace them we don't just give up habits we have to replace them with something that's healthier so if watching TV is a trigger maybe you read a book or do a craft or you know watch them listen to some podcasts or watch some videos on health or do something different go for a walk take the family out and go for a walk you know maybe you do something different so that you aren't eating during that time because that can that nighttime eating can be really tragic before our weight and Doug Lyall has a video

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